3 French Cooking Styles

3 French Cooking Styles | Kalamazoo, MI

At H Prime Chophouse, our chef is trained in French cooking and so you can expect a profusion of flavors and textures when you choose to eat at our historical fine dining restaurant. In this article, you will learn about the various styles of French cooking and how to identify them. While you can expect many European style flavor combinations at the H Prime Chophouse, the main French styles remain the basis for many cooks in the Western world.

The European style cooking at our fine dining restaurant emphasizes local produce and meats more than you may experience at some classic American style brewpubs or restaurants. Our chef makes sure to know where each ingredient comes from as well as using only what ingredients are in season to ensure that you have the highest quality experience. We find that fresh ingredients enhance the flavor of the premium cuts of beef we offer, and you may spy our chef at a local farm market hunting for ingredients.


When thinking of professional chefs at work in a kitchen you may immediately think of flambéing. This is the act of bringing ingredients, often meat drippings or other sauce fundamentals, to a very high heat, adding a high proofed alcohol, and setting it ablaze. Chefs don’t only do this on television, in fine dining restaurant kitchens they use this method to quickly burn away the alcohol and impart the remaining flavors into the sauce or dish they are preparing.


Another popular method of cooking that originated with the French is sautéing. Quite a bit easier to replicate at home than a flambé, a sauté refers to cooking something over high heat in a minimal amount of fat, often butter. More than swirling or stirring, a sauté incorporates pan movement along with a spatula moving the food. Sautér literally means “to jump” in French! The next time you visit our European style restaurant, make sure to impress your friends with your international knowledge.


You may find a braised cut of meat on our menu at times, and that means that the cut of meat was seared to lock in flavor, and then cooked along with a small amount of flavorful liquid to bring even more flavor to bear on the dish. You will enjoy the sauce as much as the meat if you choose to eat a braised dish.

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