5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Haunted House

5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Haunted House Kalamazoo, MI

The Henderson Castle is listed as one of the top 10 haunted places in Michigan by the Awesome Mitten. As a result, we know a little something about ghost sightings in Kalamazoo.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to design a haunted house tour room by room so visitors will leave your home feeling impressed and slightly alarmed for your emotional well-being. Good luck!

1.) Block Out Light from Windows

Keep your home dark by covering windows with black trash bags or dark-colored blankets. Since people aren’t able to see well in the dark, it will immediately put them on edge. We recommend using flickering lights and fog to make it difficult for people to see what’s ahead. Light can also be used to guide people to the next “scare” on your walking haunted house tour.

2.) Choose Spooky Ambiance Music

Re-watch some of your favorite horror movies to learn how music adds to tension, dread, and horror. While there are plenty of haunted house soundtracks to choose from, it can be hard picking an ambiance that doesn’t sound cheesy.

We recommend choosing soundtracks that use discord (dissonant sound). Noises that sound unnatural to the ear have a way of putting us on edge and increasing tension until it stops. Your spooky soundtrack should also include sound effects like a slamming door, howling wind, or well-timed screams.

3.) Create a Spine-Chilling Graveyard

What’s a haunted house without a spooky graveyard? It’s up to you whether you want to buy props from your local Halloween store or DIY a graveyard. It all depends on how much money and time you want to invest in making your graveyard scary enough for children and adults.

Graveyards will need headstones, coffins, skeletons, and plenty of creepy crawlers. Many people like to change their front yard into a graveyard as a fun surprise for trick-or-treaters. If you plan on giving haunted house tours this year, a cemetery scene on your front lawn is enough to make people anxious before they even set foot inside your spooky haunted house.

4.) Prep Your Kitchen for Surgery

Transform your kitchen into a grisly operating room. To make your haunted tour interactive, you can have guests stick their hands into concealed bowls and guess their contents — the slimier the better. We recommend using peeled grapes to mimic the feel of eyeballs or spaghetti for guts. Give away prizes to those who guess correctly. Depending on the intended demographic of your creepy haunted house, this can be a great activity for kids.

5.) Set Up a Witch’s Lair

It’s easy to set up a spooky witch’s cauldron. Simply buy a cauldron from your local Halloween store and fill it up with dry ice to make it look like something sinister is cooking inside. (Be sure to tell visitors not to touch the dry ice.) To add to the ambiance of the space, be sure to strategically place accessories befitting a witch, such as broomsticks or pointy black hats.

The Henderson Castle is a haunted house in Kalamazoo with a rich history of ghost sightings. If you are interested in celebrating Halloween at Henderson Castle be sure to buy your tickets today for any of our events or set up your reservation at (269) 344-1827.