Benefits of Taking a Yacht Cruise

Benefits of Taking a Yacht Cruise Kalamazoo, MI

Interested in doing something different during your next summer vacation? Why not take a yacht cruise on Lake Michigan? At our boutique inn, we are dedicated to finding new ways to help guests explore the local area and make memories that will last a lifetime. Continue reading to learn the benefits of taking a yacht cruise this summer.

Make Memories

If you’ve been on an ocean cruise liner, you owe it to yourself to book our yacht cruise on the Summer Wind. Being on a private yacht is a completely different experience from being with thousands of other people on a crowded ocean liner. There’s no better way to connect with friends and family than being able to enjoy Lake Michigan in beautiful Saugatuck. Our luxury yachtis able to accommodate you and five other guests.

Enjoy Snacks and Beverages

Unlike yacht charters where you have to bring your own provisions, we provide snacks and beverages as part of the cruise experience. We want to make sure that our guests feel right at home on the water, which is why we provide everything you need for a successful yacht party.

If you want alcoholic beverages on board, you’ll need to let us know at the time of your reservation. Only adults 21 and older are allowed on the Summer Wind. You must present a valid ID.

Immerse Yourself

An ocean cruise liner takes you away from the experience of being on the water. Instead of spending time on what amounts to a floating building, why not expand your horizons with a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan?

The whole point of taking a yacht cruise is to feel the wind in your hair as you sail to new destinations. You can’t do that if you spend all your time inside. Our Lake Michigan cruises take place on a luxury yacht, which means you’ll feel more immersed in the experience.

Enjoy the View

Yacht cruises are smaller than ocean liners and are able to reach smaller ports. When you book your yacht cruise on the Summer Wind, we’ll depart from Saugatuck Harbor. If you’ve never experienced a sunset on Lake Michigan, we strongly recommend booking one of our Great Lakes cruises. Watching the sun set can help you reconnect with nature and feel more relaxed.


When you take a yacht cruise, you don’t have to worry about sailing yourself. Instead, you can count on our experienced crew to sail the yacht over Lake Michigan. If you’ve been feeling a lot of stress lately, you owe it to yourself to book a Lake Michigan cruise and invite your closest friends and family. We provide snacks and beverages, so you don’t have to worry about planning ahead for the yacht party. Instead, you can let us handle the small details so you can relax and recharge.

We offer Lake Michigan cruises so guests can fully enjoy their summer vacations. Our boutique inn also offers services for kayak rentals and other fun activities. To book your yacht cruise with Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, call (269) 344-1827.