Corporate Luncheon Planning Tips for Henderson Castle

Corporate Luncheon Planning Tips | Kalamazoo, MI

Whether it is an onsite training luncheon, or a relaxed outdoor kickback lunch with the partners, the Henderson Castle is the most unique Kalamazoo special event venue. You may be wondering how to plan on a corporate luncheon here at Henderson Castle, and we have some tips for you.

Here at our upscale Kalamazoo venue, we have hundreds of happy corporate customers, and we promise to do our best to help you have a successful corporate event. We host private dinners, cocktail receptions, business meetings, and formal corporate events year-round.

Establish a Date and Event Timeline

When starting to plan any corporate event you want to make sure you establish your date first. Many sources recommend adding luncheons to your calendar with the same planning process you’d use in choosing conference dates. The Henderson Castle is available year-round for event bookings. Aim for several months in advance so that your key attendees can add it to their calendars. Along with the date for your corporate luncheon, pick a timeline that suits your company. If your workday starts early, you may consider an early lunch time slot.

Decide on a Budget

Your budget will determine the range of details you can choose for your event. In choosing a corporate luncheon budget, balancing the interest of attendees and the company bank account is key. Make sure you allocate enough money to cover the cost of the room rental, food costs, and the theme decorations or corporate promotional materials you pick out.

Room Setup

Here at Henderson Castle, we can seat up to 200 guests in a theater seating arrangement. You may want to consider how attendees will be able to eat at the event as well, so other room configurations such as round table seating or a U shape configuration could foster discussion as well as community.

Food Setup

The H Prime Chophouse is located on site and provides a full range of culinary specialties for your event. Our in-house catering service here at Henderson Castle handles all our corporate events. Should you choose to have a plated lunch or dinner here at the castle, consider where in your schedule of events the meal should take place, so as not to interrupt the keynote speaker or your most important discussion. If you choose to have a buffet catered, choose a room layout that keeps the buffet lines away from the lectern so that your speaker gets all the attention they deserve.

Come visit our Kalamazoo castle venue today to imagine what your next corporate luncheon could be like, overlooking the beautiful city of Kalamazoo.

If you are interested in one of our corporate event packages, please feel free to contact our Kalamazoo event planners at (269) 344-1827. The charming innkeepers at Henderson Castle work hard to accommodate the needs of our guests.