How to Enjoy Your Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

How to Enjoy Your Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Kalamazoo, MI

After working 40-plus hours at your job and taking care of the kids, staying at a local bed and breakfast can be restorative. Not only does staying at a boutique inn give you a much-needed break, but it can give you a new perspective on local history, food, and culture. Continue reading to learn how to get the full boutique inn experience.


There’s nothing better than waking up without an alarm clock. While staying at a boutique inn, you’ll instead wake up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and other scrumptious breakfast foods. After enjoying all that food, you can relax knowing you won’t have to wash a single plate.

After eating breakfast, you can enjoy the rest of your day exploring the town and checking out the local tourist attractions. Each town has something different to offer. Why not take this opportunity to explore at your own pace?

Enjoy Local Food

There’s a reason why your local boutique inn has the word “breakfast” in its name. Unlike staying in a hotel, you can expect a hearty home-cooked breakfast that’s been specially prepared for you and other guests.

Staying at a boutique inn is the perfect opportunity to eat outside your comfort zone. Our chef uses fresh local ingredients that help inspire his menu. While most B&B venues offer only breakfast, we also offer afternoon tea service and dinners at our chophouse restaurant. Our dining options help you experience and explore delicious local food.

Go on a Guided Tour

Are you a history buff? If you’re staying at a historic boutique inn, ask if they offer guided tours. Going on a guided tour can enrich your experience by helping you appreciate the local history. For example, we offer guided tours of our castle inn to help visitors understand its unique place in Kalamazoo history.

Henderson Castle was established in 1895 and was once owned by Frank Henderson—a man who made his fortune selling uniform regalia to secret societies, fraternal organizations, and the military. Our historic boutique inn is also haunted by several ghosts who have been spotted by some of our guests.

Explore the Town

While hotels are impersonal, you can expect quality service while being a guest at a boutique inn. The innkeeper or staff at your boutique inn will be more than happy to advise you of the best tourist attractions to check out during your stay. The people who help run a boutique inn often choose to work there because they take pride in their town. Give them the opportunity to brag about the best places to explore in town. The locals often know the best places to eat and shop.

Unlike other B&B venues, we pay special attention to our guests’ needs so you can make the most of your stay at our castle inn. To make your reservations at our Kalamazoo boutique inn, call Henderson Castle at (269) 344-1827.