How to Plan an Office Christmas Party

How to Plan an Office Christmas Party Venue Kalamazoo, MI

Have you been put in charge of planning the office Christmas party? Congratulations! While planning an office party can be a lot of fun, you’ll also need to make sure you choose the right special events venue, theme, decorations, food, and entertainment.

As an event venue, the special events coordinators at Henderson Castle have a lot of experience with helping people put together memorable Christmas parties. Keep reading to learn how to plan an office Christmas party your coworkers and boss will love.

Choose a Christmas Party Venue

The type of event space you choose will be partly determined by your company’s brand. For example, if your company sells luxury products, you may want to consider making reservations at a prime chophouse for a fine dining experience. It also helps to choose a venue that is close to work so people don’t have to travel long distances to your corporate event. Consider how many people you’ll need to fit into the space to determine whether you need something elegant like a bed and breakfast or something more casual like a party room at your local bar.

Pick a Theme

Are you having trouble coming up with Christmas party ideas? Check with the venue ahead of time to see what types of holiday decorations they allow. Even if you are unable to use your own decorations, you’ll still be able to incorporate the theme through invitations and planned activities.

If you’re stuck trying to pick an office Christmas party theme, here are some suggestions:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Candy Land
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Masquerade Ball
  • A specific decade (like the 20s)

Settle on a Date

Pick a date as soon as possible so people have enough time to hire babysitters and rearrange their schedules. Choosing a date for your company Christmas party can be difficult whether you have a party of 10 or 100. We recommend meeting with the corporate event venue to discuss what dates are available. Next, you’ll want to pick a few dates and have people vote for what works best for them. Before announcing the results of the vote, make sure that the time slot is still available with the venue of your choice.

Send Invitations

The easiest way to let people know the date of the company Christmas party is through a mass email. That way, people will have enough time if they need to hire babysitters or rearrange their schedules. If you are planning a formal event, you may choose to follow up the email several weeks later with a print invitation sent through the mail.

Decide on a Menu

As the party planner, it’s your responsibility to make sure there is something for everyone to eat at the venue. This means that you’ll want to find out ahead of time if anyone has any food allergies or whether your office has vegans or vegetarians. Your next step will be to meet with the caterers to choose the menu for the event. If you don’t have a big enough budget for caterers, you may want to have your Christmas party at one of the local restaurants near work or throw a potluck.

The Henderson Castle is a Kalamazoo Christmas party venue that offers elegant surroundings. If you are interested in learning how to reserve Henderson Castle for your upcoming office Christmas party, give us a call at (269) 344-1827.