How to Plan Your Upcoming Corporate Event

Kalamazoo Coporate Event Venue

Planning a corporate event is both rewarding and exhausting. To help you alleviate some of the pressure you might be feeling, we offer our corporate event planning tips to help make your next company event a success.

Coordinating your planning efforts with a luxury Kalamazoo corporate event venue can help you produce a corporate event that will have everyone talking — including your boss.

Determine the Objectives

Before planning anything else, it’s important that you determine the objectives for your upcoming corporate event. Depending on the objective, you might choose a different theme, venue, menu, invitation design or other event element. Every decision you make while planning your corporate event must be filtered through your objective to determine if it will be relevant and effective.

Companies may decide to hold a corporate event for the following reasons:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Employee workshops or training
  • Team building
  • Networking with potential clients
  • Building relationships with current clients

Set a Theme

Whether you are planning a single corporate event or a weekend corporate retreat, you’ll need a theme to tie all the event elements together. To make implementing your theme easier, we recommend choosing a venue that has experience with themed corporate events. For example, a murder mystery dinner might be a great way to get employers working together to catch the “murderer”.

Create a Checklist

The key to pulling off a successful corporate event is staying organized. We recommend that you create a corporate event checklist of everything you need to do between now and the day of the event. While planning out every detail may be intimidating, it will be a lifesaver when you need to delegate tasks to other people or determine if everything is being planned according to schedule.

Set a Strategic Date

When setting a date for your corporate event it’s important that you be aware of upcoming holidays and events your competitors are planning. For example, it’s a bad idea to plan a corporate event around the Christmas season because most people will want to spend time with their families. It also might be a bad idea to plan an event for the same weekend a rival company is throwing their shindig—especially when you are competing for the same clients.

Pick the Right Venue

The venue you pick will partly be dependent on your company’s brand. For example, if you are a company that prides itself on offering luxury products, you may want to hold your corporate event in an upscale special events venue that matches your brand. Most reputable corporate event venues will offer packages for you to choose from.

Also, keep in mind that a change in location can help capture employee attention so that they’re more engaged with training or workshops. Likewise, a relaxing venue can be great for boosting employee morale if the tone has been stressful at your company lately.

Make sure that the venue offers the type of space you need for the events on your agenda. For example, you might need a space that allows people to work in pods during training sessions.

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