Myths about Staying in a Bed and Breakfast

Myths about Staying in a Bed and Breakfast Kalamazoo, MI

What’s holding you back from staying at a boutique inn? As a local boutique inn, we think it’s unfortunate that travelers let common myths prevent them from enjoying the comfort and charm of a B&B. He at Henderson Castle, we are dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment.

Did you know you can still find privacy at a boutique inn? You also won’t have to share a bathroom if you choose to stay at our castle inn. There are other things that we provide as well. Continue reading to learn what other myths we’re able to disprove about staying at a boutique inn.

Bed & Breakfast Myths

No Amenities

Unlike a hotel, we don’t charge extra for amenities. Each room in our boutique inn has a private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, and flat screen TV. Your breakfast is also included with the cost of your room.

“Grandma’s House” Aesthetic

Worried that a B&B might remind you too much of Grandma’s house? While a boutique inn is often someone’s home (or in our case, a castle inn), this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll find lace doilies or patchwork quilts in your room. Each room in our boutique inn is decorated in a elegant sophisticated style that never looks dated.

No Privacy

While many people enjoy swapping stories with other travelers, we understand if it’s not for you. Just because you stay at a boutique inn, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to talk with our other guests. Our dining room has several tables, which means you can be as social (or reserved) as you want.

Each room at our boutique inn also has a private bath, which means you won’t have to strategically take your shower at an odd time to avoid conflicts with other guests. Unlike other B&Bs, we want to make travelers feel as comfortable as possible.

Communal Bathrooms

When on a weekend getaway or vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is fighting for bathroom time. Fortunately, our boutique inn has private connected bathrooms for our guests. An ensuite bathroom saves you the hassle (and awkwardness) of having to share with strangers. The staff at our bed and breakfast care about preserving your privacy and level of comfort.

Strange Rules and Curfews

While we don’t have a curfew, we do ask that you be quiet out of respect for our other guests. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Would you want to hear guests being obnoxious in the hall outside your room while you’re trying to relax? Probably not. As a boutique inn, we want all our guests to have a relaxing experience.

It’s a misconception that a bed & breakfast only welcomes couples. In reality, our bed and breakfast welcomes couples, families, groups, single people, and even business people looking for a comfortable place to stay. We’re able to accommodate a variety of people at our castle inn. Many people appreciate that a B&B is much like a home away from home.

Henderson Castle is a boutique inn in Kalamazoo MI. To book your stay at our boutique inn, call (269) 344-1827.