Planning a Wine Tour in Kalamazoo Michigan

Planning a Wine Tour in Kalamazoo Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI

Planning a Wine Tour in Kalamazoo Michigan

If the cool midwestern climate and loamy soils of southwest Michigan don’t excite you, rest assured that they excite the winery owners who call this part of the state home. Your stay at our upscale bed and breakfast in Kalamazoo can be taken to the next level by booking one of our wine tours or by exploring some of the many locally owned wineries scattered around the area.

Did you know that Henderson Castle has our own reputable vineyard? We grow five varieties of grapes here and are always excited to share these handpicked flavors with our guests. If you have never booked a Kalamazoo Wine Tasting before, we can guide you through our five varieties with your family and friends. Many people tell us that this is a favorite way to relax and connect with those important to them. That’s why we say our wine tastings bring people together. Whether it’s a corporate outing or a family reunion we love to accommodate here at our boutique inn.

We offer three options for your wine tour experience, ranging from a simple tasting to a full Legacy tour of our facility from the panoramic rooftop deck to the wine cave and vineyards where our grapes are grown.

Should you be looking for a destination around Kalamazoo for another wine tasting or winery visit, feel free to explore any of the following places, all featured on the winery page.

St. Julian

St. Julian is Michigan’s oldest, largest and most awarded winery. This family-owned winery, founded by Mariano Meconi in 1921, is nestled in the picturesque fruit-growing region along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Today, grandson, David Braganini, has adopted the family tradition of wine making while turning St. Julian into Michigan’s most renowned winery.

The Sangria Shop

If you are craving something for the sweet tooth, visit the first winery and distillery in Portage, Michigan. Their specialty sangria is a blend of traditions from Spain and their Caribbean heritage.

Lawton Ridge Winery.

Lawton Ridge Winery opened their commercial winery building in a historic 1930’s era diner. Most of their grapes are hand harvested from their vineyards in Lawton where we have grown wine grapes since 1974.

Warner Vineyards

Warner Vineyards is located south of Kalamazoo in the quaint town of Paw Paw. The Waterworks Station Cafe features casual gourmet dining with live jazz on the weekends and deck seating overlooking the scenic Paw Paw River.

If you are interested in attending one of our wine tasting events, please feel free to give our Kalamazoo wine tasting experts a call at (269) 344-1827. Henderson Castle is an upscale boutique inn that dedicates itself toward helping guests leave with new wonderful memories.