Rules for Wine Tasting Etiquette

Wine Tasting in Kalamazoo MI

Are you looking forward to your first wine tasting event? Congratulations! Wine tastings are the perfect opportunity to try a wide variety of wines and determine any new favorites.

In this blog post, we will go over the rules for wine tasting party etiquette so you can feel prepared and confident during your first wine tasting. Be sure to also check our blog post on wine tasting tips for beginners.

After reading our blog posts, you’ll learn how to taste wine like an expert in no time.

Don’t Wear Perfume or Cologne

It’s surprising how much taste is influenced by smell. For this reason, don’t wear your favorite perfume or cologne the day of a wine tasting. The floral or spicy fragrance can interfere with guests’ abilities to discern wine flavors.

It’s Okay to Spit and Dump

During a wine tasting, spitting and dumping out the excess wine in your glass is acceptable. Wine tasting vineyards will set out spittoons or other receptacles for you to do so. If you plan on sampling a lot of wines, you’ll want to pace yourself. Only take a little sip of wine before letting the flavors roll over your tongue. Then find an available receptacle to spit in.

On the other hand, if you find a favorite wine, it’s okay to swallow. Just make sure you monitor your alcohol intake so you remain sober. Some wine tasters will swallow to appreciate the finish, which is the aftertaste that clings to the back of your mouth and throat. While it may seem rude to spit at first, this is an acceptable practice at wine tastings.

Be Open Minded

It’s not uncommon for our guests to walk into a wine tasting thinking that they only like certain types of wines. To get the most out of wine tasting experiences, we encourage you to try different types of wines. Who knows? You may find a new favorite wine you didn’t expect.

Don’t Ask for the “Good Stuff”

In the eyes of the wine tasting venue, all their wines are “good stuff.” By asking this question, you may come off as rude or ignorant. Keep in mind that different people have different taste preferences for wine.

Don’t Show Off

Once you gain more knowledge about the subtleties between wines, resist the urge to show off. Many vineyards pride themselves on welcoming wine tasting beginners and experts. If you want to talk about the technical aspects of wine flavor, go with a friend who has the same amount of experience as you in tasting wine.

Don’t Fish for Discounts

Buying a fine wine is not the same as haggling over the price of a car. Just because you tried a wine, does not entitle you to a discount. Be respectful of vineyard staff and remember that the more requests you make, the higher the pressure will be to buy a bottle of wine.

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