Tips for Finding a Winter Wedding Venue

Tips for Finding a Winter Wedding Venue Kalamazoo, MI

Are you planning a winter wedding?

It can be exciting to look for beautiful wedding venues for your ceremony and reception. However, there are some challenges unique to winter weddings that you’ll need to consider.

In Michigan, how you plan an outdoor wedding in summer is different from how you plan a winter wonderland wedding. Before narrowing your selection of local wedding venues, check out our tips for finding the perfect winter wedding venue.

Ask Venue How They Handle Winter Weather

In the summer, we are a beautiful garden wedding venue. However, couples wishing to be married during the winter months move the celebration into our gorgeous castle inn. Not all venues offer this versatility, which is why you should ask about how they handle winter weather.

How often does the venue snow plow their parking lot? The last thing you want on your wedding day is for the venue parking lot to turn into an ice skating rink when guests are starting to arrive. Venues will be able to tell you their snow plow policies. For example, a special events venue might have signed a contract with a snowplow company to have their parking lot cleared after two inches of snowfall.

Protect Guests from Winter Chill

With cold weather on the forecast, you’ll want to make sure you protect guests from the winter chill. This means asking your venue questions about where you could have your receiving line. In the summer, it’s not an issue to greet guests as they enter the wedding reception venue. However, doing this in the winter is a different story. You’ll want to greet your guests inside the venue so people aren’t left to stand in the cold when the line starts to bottleneck.

Find Out When Sun Sets

If you are planning a destination wedding in another state, you’ll want to ask venues when the sun sets for their location. For example, in Michigan, the sun sets around 5:00pm in the winter. If you wish to plan a ceremony and reception around sunset, you’ll need to remember that it gets darker sooner during the winter months.

Ask about Winter Rates

Wedding season hits its peak around June, which is why many venues offer special winter rates during the “off season.” It’s a good idea to ask prospective wedding venues if their winter rates vary from their peak season rates. However, keep in mind that some of the best wedding venues are in high demand year-round and may not offer special winter rates.

Ask about Decorations

Don’t know how to choose wedding flowers? Most venues are decorated for Christmas, which means you might not have to worry about organizing every last detail yourself. It’s not uncommon for a venue to have festive Christmas trees and poinsettias in December. For example, our ceremony and reception venue is always decorated to celebrate the holidays

The Henderson Castle is a Kalamazoo winter wedding venue dedicated to helping couples celebrate their love and commitment. If you are interested in our beautiful castle inn for your ceremony and reception, check out our wedding packages and give us a call at (269) 344-1827.