Visit Our Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Kalamazoo MI

Visit Our Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Kalamazoo, MI

Truth is stranger than fiction. Did you know Henderson Castle has appeared in three horror movies? We’re also listed by the Awesome Mitten and THRILLEST Detroit as one of the top haunted places in Michigan. Come visit us today to experience these events for yourself.

While our bed and breakfast has welcomed travelers for years, we’ve also hosted paranormal investigators interested in Frank Henderson and the other ghosts that walk our halls. At our haunted bed and breakfast, we serve both the living and the dead.

Our Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Location, Location, Location

Henderson Castle has watched over downtown Kalamazoo since the late 1800s. Perched on the steep of West Main Hill, we’re not far from the final resting place of the mansion’s original owners in Mountain Home Cemetery.

While Frank Henderson didn’t live long after completing construction of the castle, his legacy lives on in our bed and breakfast. Some of our guests have even reported seeing ghostly apparitions in period clothing.

Our Resident Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? We do. It’s kind of hard not to when your guests and employees report hearing strange noises or seeing things that can’t be easily explained. We’ve had people report seeing or sensing the presence of Frank Henderson, Mary Henderson, a Spanish-American War veteran who served with the Hendersons’ son, an unidentified little girl, and a dog. Far from the demonic spirits you see in cheesy horror movies, our ghosts are more like friendly caretakers who still watch over our bed and breakfast.

Rich Local History

AAA has ranked us as one of the top historic inns in Michigan and it won’t be hard to see why once you book your stay at our bed and breakfast. Frank Henderson built our castle inn during the late 1800s. While Henderson Castle was originally intended to be a private home, it was later opened to the public by current owner Master Chef Francois Moyet.

At the time, Frank Henderson was one of the most successful businessmen in Kalamazoo. Frank was the owner and president of the Henderson-Ames Company, which made uniform regalia for secret societies, fraternal organizations, and the military. Today, Frank prefers to walk the halls of our bed and breakfast so he can keep a watchful eye on guests.

Luxurious and Haunted

We like to keep history alive by making our haunted bed and breakfast open to the public. Our gorgeous bed and breakfast sprawls over 10,000 square feet and features heated marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and a third-floor ballroom. You’ll find evidence of expensive taste throughout our historic bed and breakfast and maybe even a few ghosts...

Walking through our castle inn, you can almost imagine the grand housewarming party the Hendersons threw in 1895. Today, we offer a high tea service to those looking to experience the class, sophistication, and history of Henderson castle.

Our haunted bed and breakfast is considered by many to be the “Jewel of Kalamazoo.” We’re proud to be a part of local history and will continue to welcome travelers for years to come. To reserve your stay at our haunted bed and breakfast in Kalamazoo MI, call (269) 344-1827.