What is the Difference between a Chophouse and a Steakhouse

What is the Difference between a Chophouse and a Steakhouse, Kalamazoo, MI

What is the Difference between a Chophouse and a Steakhouse

As you choose what sort of dining experience should go with your bed and breakfast stay in Kalamazoo, you may wander through our historic castle and find yourself in the H Prime Chophouse. We pride ourselves in offering the best to our guests, and you may be wondering how a dinner experience with us differs from a more common steakhouse meal.

History of Chophouse

The chophouse concept came about in the 1690s in London when restaurants chose to specialize in excellent cuts or “chops” of meat. Chophouses in the United States today often have a decadent, European atmosphere that lends itself to intimate conversations and dinners drawn out over several hours. At our chophouse in Kalamazoo, your chef has been French trained and spends off hours hunting for local ingredients and flavor inspirations at the local farm markets.

Most of us have been to a steakhouse at some time or another, and the difference between these two concepts is subtle. A steakhouse is known for their meat entrees particularly their steak, hence the name. At a chophouse, you will find many other meat entrees on the menu that the restaurant has spent time perfecting for taste and quality. While technically a subset of the larger steakhouse group, the chophouse differs from many American restaurant concepts in some key ways.

Conversational Dining

The American restaurant is dominated by a schedule, and guests come to expect food to be rushed to their table and eaten quickly. We take a more European approach to dining, as one might expect from a relaxed boutique inn where the focus is on personal connection and relaxation. Plan for up to two hours for a sit down meal where you can truly connect with those closest to you. The exquisite cuts of meat and the warming wines and spirits are an added benefit. Many guests find themselves drawn back to their experience here because of the relaxed atmosphere.

Limited Hours

We pride ourselves in treating our employees as well as possible. Many American style restaurants ask their staff to be ready for incredibly long hours and stressful environments. We value our employees too much to risk burnout in this way. You’ll find our staff to be more engaging and creative in their service since they are not overworked. So make sure you get a dinner reservation between 5:30 and 7:30 Wednesday through Sunday for this exclusive experience.

Henderson Castle is a historical fine dining restaurant that dedicates itself to offering the best dining experiences for guests. If you wish to place dinner reservations at our Kalamazoo prime chophouse, give us a call at (269) 344-1827.