What to Expect While Dining at the H Prime Chophouse

What to Expect While Dining at a H Prime Chophouse Kalamazoo, MI

Before placing your reservation at a prime chophouse, it helps to know what to expect.

First of all, your experience at a prime chophouse will be different from eating at an American style restaurant or pub.

Chophouses are considered to be primarily meeting places where food is served. This shift in emphasis can be confusing for first-time guests who expect food shortly after ordering. Dinner at a chophouse means longer wait times, but also plenty of time to catch up with old friends.

Prime chophouses are a British institution dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was a place where only men were allowed to gather to discuss business, eat meat, and drink. Nowadays, both men and women are welcome in chophouses, but the tradition of serving meat with wine and beer remains the same.

More Creativity in Dishes

The European dining experience is different from what you may be used to in American restaurants. American restaurants are run efficiently and usually serve a high volume of customers in one night. However, the pressure to fill and refill as many tables as possible also limits opportunities for chefs to innovate and create.

At our European style prime chophouse, you can expect to see more creativity in dishes. Since cooking is a passion in Europe, don’t be surprised to see the menu change on a daily basis. Our chef will decide what changes need to be made to the prime chophouse menu based on the season and market availability. Since European chefs take time to be innovative, each dish is unique. Be prepared to wait longer for food than what you’re used to in the United States. The meal served at your table will be well worth the wait.

More Opportunities for Conversation

Since European style restaurants run at a more relaxed pace, this gives you the opportunity to connect with your dining companions. You’ll never feel rushed to finish your plate or feel uncomfortable by servers hovering nearby. The prime chophouse experience is all about making conversation, with grilled meat and alcohol as an added benefit. Many of our guests are drawn to the relaxed atmosphere of our chophouse. In fact, a sit-down meal at a chophouse could be close to two hours long.

Limited Restaurant Hours

In the United States, we are used to convenience. This means being able to place a reservation at a restaurant any day of the week. However, European style restaurants value their employees too much to risk burnout. It’s also been shown that restaurant staff is more creative and engaged with customers when they’re not overworked. Dinner reservations at our restaurant inn are only available Wednesday through Sunday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Fresh Ingredients

In Europe, people care about the food they put in their mouth. As a result, European chefs want to know as much as possible about the ingredients they use in dishes. Our chef only uses ingredients that are in season and available in the market. A prime chophouse restaurant will make sure fresh ingredients are used to enhance the flavor of cooked meat. In fact, European chefs often go to the local markets daily on the hunt for the freshest ingredients.

Henderson Castle is a historical fine dining restaurant that dedicates itself to offering the best dining experiences for guests. If you wish to place dinner reservations at our Kalamazoo prime chophouse, give us a call at (269) 344-1827.