Why Hand-Cut to Order Steaks are Better

Why Hand-Cut to Order Steaks are Better | Kalamazoo, MI

If you are looking for a high-quality steak, a hand-cut to order steak is the best option. These steaks are known for their fresh, rich flavor and juicy, tender texture. At H Prime Chophouse, all of our steaks are made hand-cut to order to ensure a consistently superior steak.

“Hand-Cut” Means Artisan-Crafted
A hand-cut steak is cut cleanly with a knife, and the process is not mechanized like your typical grocery-store steak. Machine-cut beef is cut with a saw, and leave a residue of fat and tissue across the meat that must be cleaned. Cutting a steak by-hand with a knife allows the steak to be cut with care and dedication. The cut is clean and sharp, and no juices are lost from the meat. This also means that the steak you are getting is exceptionally fresh and prepared with diligence and care, traditional artistry.

“To Order” Means Superior Freshness
A high-quality steak should have a vibrant red color and a moist surface. When a steak is cut to order, it is cut from a larger piece of beef, a primal or sub-primal, right before it is cooked. That allows the beef to be perfectly fresh when served. Unlike pre-packed beef, cutting directly from a primal or subprimal means that the steak won’t dry out and will have that signature vibrant color and perfect moistness.

“Hand-Cut to Order” Means Rare Quality
If a restaurant is offering steaks that are hand-cut to order, you are likely getting higher quality ingredients. This means that the restaurant is buying larger pieces of quality beef instead of pre-cut, pre-packaged beef. You will end up with a juicy, mouthwatering steak made fresh and to your specifications. At H Prime Chophouse, our beef is sourced from the highest caliber of local farms and select western ranches, such as Gibson Family Farms in Scotts, MI. The beef is then aged in-house: dry-aged for 65 days or traditionally wet-aged for 45 days. When you order a steak, it will be carefully hand-cut from a sub-primal, cooked to your specifications by our expert culinary team, and served fresh.

To try one of our richly flavored, juicy steaks, visit the H Prime Chophouse located in the beautiful, historic Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For a reservation, please call (269) 344-1827.