Kalamazoo Winery & Vineyard

Kalamazoo Winery & Vineyard

In the pure French tradition of a wine maker in Bordeaux, Henderson Castle is proud to announce the completion of our wine cave. Our wine cave is a beautiful underground room cut into the hill near the castle connecting to the remains of the old tunnel.

The wine cave is complemented by a large patio and sky deck with a lovely view of the orchard and vineyard where we grow the organic fruit used in our wine and jams. Henderson Castle is now proud to feature six varieties of wine made with grapes picked from our own vineyard and handcrafted by Fenn Valley.

We currently offer the following wines from our 2011 vintage:

Our wine tasting events are great opportunities to bond with friends and family. Whether this is your first wine tasting or you are an expert wine taster, you are sure to have a great experience at our winery.

Wine Cave will be available select days April - October

If you are interested in visiting our winery and attending one of our wine tasting events, please feel free to give our Kalamazoo winery a call at (269) 344-1827. We are a historic boutique inn dedicated to make sure your next visit leaves you with new wonderful memories.