Winter's Perfect Pairings

Winter's Perfect Pairings | Kalamazoo, MI

Winter is the perfect time to warm up with full-bodied fine wines and hearty dishes. This is the season of family, celebration, cheer, and hospitality, so the best food and wine pairings come from this mindset of comfort and abundance.

The following three meals are the perfect winter pairings to try with your loved ones this winter at the H Prime Chophouse:

Rich, Oaky Chardonnay and Brie Cheese

Creamy, oaky Chardonnays are the ideal white wine for winter. They are flavorful and toasty which makes them the perfect winter warmer. The nutty and subtly spicy flavors in this style of chardonnay would be nicely balanced by a soft, velvety cheese such as brie.

Trying this pairing at the Chophouse: Albert Bichot Pouilly-Fuisse Chardonnay and the imported French brie, which is wrapped in a puff pastry, oven-baked, and served with raspberry sauce. This chardonnay's white fruit and spice notes with hints of oak and vanilla pair well with the sweet raspberry sauce and creamy brie.

Cabernet Sauvignon and a Medium-Rare Côte de Bœuf

Cabernet Sauvignon and steak are a classic combination and is even more satisfying and wholesome during the cold months. This pairing is popular because the strong flavor of the beef finds a perfect balance in the full-bodied red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon works beautifully with a medium-rare côte de bœuf. Cooking the steak medium rare will make sure that the fats won’t cook off. These fats balance the bitter tannins in red wine and make the wine taste smoother.

At the Chophouse, pair the Dunham Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon with the côte de bœuf. This wine is robust and layered with notes of cherry, anise, and blackberry. These flavor notes pair beautifully with the côte de bœuf which is hand-cut to order and sourced from local farms and western ranches, such as Gibson Family Farms, by Master Chef Moyet. All of our steaks are served either in-house dry-aged or traditional wet-aged.

Champagne and Caviar

Winter is a season of celebrations and Champagne and caviar is a classic, celebratory combination. This vibrant, crisp, and bubbly champagne balances out the briny and complex flavor of the caviar. It also works to clear the palate and the Champagnes dry sweetness creates a gorgeous mixture of salty, bitter, and sweet.

At the Chophouse, order the Sturia Caviar imported from S. Seurin D’uzet, France. This elegant and traditional caviar is served with French bread, red onion, capers, parsley, and chopped egg. Create a flawless pairing, try the Sturia Caviar with Moet & Chandon champagne. This Champagne is vibrantly delicious with notes of citrus, apple, and peach. Champagne and caviar are the perfect combination for luxurious winter bliss.

To try all of these mouthwatering winter food and wine pairings, visit H Prime Chophouse, located in the stunning Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Book a room or make a dinner reservation to experience the perfect pairings of the holiday season by reaching out to our team.